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Captain's Log #001

Now that I have this little site, there are a few goals for it and with it I have in mid. One of those goals is to use it as a way of getting better with my HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills. This site can and will change over time. Another is to let it be a bit of a habit former for me. What I mean is, I want this site to be something I use to catalog everything I do and be a timeline of sorts of how I've progressed. How I plan on exactly achieving this goal, I'm still not entirely sure. I've been stuck in a bit of a rut for a while. I'm a guy who's a bit down on his luck, and wasted a lot of time and oppertunities in his life. And am now trying to pick up the pieces. But I have hope for the future. Hope that I'll be able to climb out of this hole and come out of it a better person. That's what I partially made this site to help me do. Whatever I end up doing, whatever this site ends up becoming, I look forward to it with my head held high. And hopefully things will work out for the best.